Today, we all know that the smart phone market has turned out great and has benefited everyone.  Technology has advanced so much that it has completely changed the method of communication with each other. Things are changing now and smart phones have indeed completely modified the concept of mobile communication. After the successful launch of their Mp3 player, the iPod, nobody thought that a computer company like Apple would firmly establish itself in the new market of mobile communication.

Now, in the current market Apple has launched a new product. This is a product that is popularly known as the iPad (iPad pro, iPad mini, iPad air). It looks like a larger version of the iPhone, but there are some points that make the iPad superior to the iPhone. A few factors that make the iPad better than the iPhone are discussed below.

  • One of the first things is large screen size. The iPhone generally allows us to perform a lot of computing tasks, however spending too much time using the iPhone to do these tasks can be tiring. In the case of the new iPad, you will get a very good and powerful computing experience with a very large screen to work with. It is a treat for people who don’t want to strain their eyes.
  • The second thing that sets the iPad apart is the fact that it is possible to read all books on the iPhone, but it is not very popular application. The iPhone screen is very smaller and its controls are not very intuitive. People won’t feel as if they are really reading an e-book. iPad is actually not a direct competitor of iPhone, but still it can give us a better feel while reading books with it. They have given a very good electronic reading environment so that people can enjoy their reading experience.

There is one application given in iPad called iWork. It is a complete suite of applications that is actually not suited for the iPhone. The iPad is considered as a perfect environment for this application which gets easily integrated with iWork.

Apple is very well-aware of this fact that today people are demanding a laptop kind of experience from the iPhone. Many people are crazy about the iPhone and they really love how the iPhone works. But, still with these many features one can’t even suggest that the iPhone is a replacement for a laptop. But, with the introduction of the product called the iPad, now the wait is over. Now, people can have a very good experience of a laptop with all the application of the iPad. It is easy for people to type on this machine without worrying about their hand cramping.

So, here you have seen that there are several reasons mentioned which make the iPad better than the iPhone. If you really want to stay updated with the latest technology and you are really a gadget lover then purchasing the iPad will surely make your experience better than the iPhone.