In this article, we will talk about some of the best ways you can use your Facebook account to sign into different social network sites.

How to sign in to Skype with Facebook:-

Skype allows you to import your Facebook contacts and chat with them through your Skype messenger. In order to do this, you go to the Contacts tab and from there click Import. Once in the Import menu you should see a Facebook tab. Enter your Facebook credentials and hit Import. Skype will scan your Facebook account and import all your Facebook friends using their email address. If an email address matches a contact already in your Skype contact list, it will merge the contacts.

From here you can chat with your Facebook friend’s right from Skype; you can also video chat with friends who have web cameras installed and enabled. Even if your friend is not on Skype, they can video chat with you directly from their Facebook page. You can also update your Facebook status from Skype.

How to sign in to Instagram with Facebook:-

Now you can login in to instagram and share your photos without the need of creating a separate instagram account, instead you can simply use your facebook login credentials to sign in to the website.

The steps are pretty straight forward. First head towards and then click on the tab that says “Log in With Facebook” which will take you to a new page where you’d see the options to enter your facebook username and password, simply enter the account details and click “login” now your Facebook will be connected to your instagram account and you can start sharing your pictures right away.

How to sign in to with Facebook:-

Microsoft has just finished launching its next generation email service, dubbed and with the service comes a bunch of new features that will interest many users. Other than connecting your LinkedIn and Twitter accounts, you can also link your Facebook account and chat with your Facebook friends directly from your inbox while you reply, forward or read an email message.

If the email address you use with is associated with your Facebook account, and your Facebook privacy policies are not overly restrictive, your Facebook account should connect with your account with a few clicks.

In order to add your Facebook account, click the “Add accounts” from the left menu bar. From here you will be presented with a wide range of services and accounts you can add to your account including Google, Flickr, LinkedIn, Twitter and of course Facebook. Click the service you want to add, which in this case is Facebook, and click Connect. Once connected you can manage the accounts currently connected to your Outlook account from the “Manage your accounts” option under settings.

How to sign in to MySpace with Facebook:-

MySpace, though not many uses it now, anyways allows you to login using your Facebook account. Yes we get the irony here but it is possible and if anyone has checked out the new MySpace, one can attest to the fact that it looks clean, polished, trendy, modern and yes sexy.

To login to MySpace using your Facebook account, go to the MySpace homepage and under the login tab, there should be a Facebook option. If you are already signed into your Facebook account, you will be carried to a confirmation page that will ask you if you really want to log into the site using your Facebook account. Click the OK button and you will be on your way to using the new MySpace. If you are not logged into Facebook, simply login and follow the same instructions above.

How to sign in to Zynga with Facebook:-

Anyone who has used Facebook is familiar with Zynga, the multibillion dollar company that is responsible for the likes of Mafia Wars and Farmville. What some people may not know is that Zynga also has a standalone site from which you can play many of their popular games, you can login using your Facebook account from their website and play any game that you would on Facebook. Better yet, all of your progress is saved and can be accessed from the standalone

How to sign in to Bing with Facebook:-

Microsoft’s search engine, dubbed Bing has a novel feature that allows you to utilize your friends to help you search for products, services and websites. For instance, if you have friends on your Facebook profile who are movie buffs, and you perhaps search for great movies currently showing, it can pull data from your friends and recommend movies you should see based on what your friends recently saw or searched for.

Of course, all of this is dependent on your friends using Bing or Facebook frequently and you allowing Bing to pull information from your Facebook profile. In order for this to work, you have to be logged into your Facebook profile on the browser which you will be searching. Type anything into the search terms and if your friends have any suggestions those will be listed in little boxes to the right of the search listing.

How to sign in to Disqus with Facebook:-

Many websites are attempting to get more users involved in their site and one of the oldest and best ways to accomplish this is allow commenting on articles. Using the Disqus plugin, a site owner can implement the popular commenting system which will allow a people to login and comment with a variety of accounts including Facebook.

In order for this to work, check to make sure the comments are powered by Disqus. This is usually plainly marked as “Powered by Disqus” above the first comment. Right under that title should be an option to login and from there you can choose the option to connect to your Facebook account.

How to sign in to YouTube with Facebook:-

YouTube allows you to connect your Facebook account which makes it easier for you to share content you watch on the video hosting website. For instance, if you connect your Facebook account to YouTube, you will automatically share videos you’ve watched, playlists you’ve created and comments you have left on videos.

The downside to this is that you give YouTube unfettered access to post anything on your behalf and you may not always want to share every single video you’ve ever watched with your Facebook friends.

How to sign in to Hulu with Facebook:-

Hulu has great Facebook integration and once you login to your Facebook account through the Hulu website, you can not only share the videos you have watched via Hulu, but your friends can see your Hulu playlists and subscriptions. One of the more novel features is the ability to put markers at different sections in a Hulu video. Say for instance there is a specific scene in a TV show that you really like, you can tag it and when your Facebook friends watch that same Hulu video, they will see the comment you left at a particular point.

Just like YouTube, Hulu automatically shares your viewing history with your Facebook friends, however the website makes it easier for you to prevent a specific video from showing up in your newsfeed. Each time you watch a video, a small notification notifies you that the video you are currently watching is being shared on your Facebook profile. You can click the tiny “x” which will prevent that particular video from being shared with your Facebook friends.

How to sign in to Xbox Live with Facebook:-

With the Xbox Live service, you can utilize a wide variety of services including Facebook. Xbox Live users can log into their Facebook account. Once logged-in through Xbox Live, you can chat with your Facebook friends’ right from the console as well as check out your newsfeed, your friend’s newsfeed as well as most of the things you could do from the mobile app or website.

How to sign in to Spotify with Facebook:-

Spotify has been growing users at a rapid rate and it is one of the best subscription music services available. That being said, Spotify has come under fire for requiring users to use their Facebook account in order to login. The privacy settings are straightforward however.

Once your Facebook account is connected to Spotify, you have a couple options. You can share in real time the music you listen to on Facebook and better yet your friends can listen along with you in real time. You can also share songs you like on your Facebook profile and if a user has Spotify and clicks the link, the song will begin to play in the users Spotify app.

You don’t have to share your music listening habits on Facebook or you can only share certain stuff. For instance you can share a playlist, or you can make the playlist private so only you can see. It. You can make a playlist public and friends can subscribe to the playlist. Better yet you can shut down the social feature altogether and none of your information will be shared on your Facebook account.

How to sign in to iOS Games with Facebook:-

Many Facebook games such as Ruzzle, SongPop, Words with Friends, Subway Surfer and others allow you to connect your Facebook account and challenge your Facebook friends to a game. For instance, you can try and beat your Facebook friend’s high score in Subway Surfer and it will automatically update you when you have passed their score.