To check out the aerial view, street view or satellite image of your house you can follow any of the free methods that are listed here, but before that we’ll first see what a satellite view is.  Aerial views are images which are taken from a satellite placed above the earth.  These images clearly show the view of your house and its surroundings.

Most of the time the aerial view of your house are pretty clear so that you can even zoom in to see close up of your house fairly detailed.  Satellite views are mostly free as there are various websites that lets you do it without the need of any registration.  Additionally, there is now a street level viewing option available.

Following are some of the free ways to see satellite images of your house.

  1. You can check out aerial view of your house by visiting any of these sites,, or
  2. First visit the website and type your address, zip code or city in the search bar and press enter.
  3. Then you’ll be presented with the satellite image of your house, you can either zoom in or out as required.

Aerial view of my house on smartphone

If you’d like to view satellite images of your house on a smartphone then you can use the Google Maps apps on your android phone or iOS phone.