How to reset your yahoo email password in case you’re locked out of it.  Resetting your email password through Yahoo can be a little bit tricky so let us walk you through those steps.  First off, let’s go on to and then right below the little fields where you type in your username or password you’ll want to go and click on “Trouble signing in?”.

Once you’ve clicked it’s going to take you to a new page where it’s going to want you to type in your username, and that is typically the first part of your email and then go ahead click on continue its then going to ask you to verify that you’re not a robot, now go ahead and click on the little check mark and then go ahead and hit continue once more.  Now if you have given your phone number as a recovery option you should go ahead and type in the last two digits of your phone number and then go ahead and click on submit, assuming that the information you’ve entered is correct that’s going to send you an onetime key or code, you may also have other options like another email address or you may have a different phone number or a couple of different phone numbers on there so you’ll want to select the one that’s appropriate for you.

If you do not know details of any of these recovery options then chances of getting back into your yahoo email account are actually very slim therefore you need details of at least one recovery option in order to get in there.

Once you’ve got that account key you will need to type it in on the next page and now go ahead and hit continue or submit and then it’s going to prompt you to change your password or update it. Your passwords should be at least eight characters long and it’s good to include a number, an uppercase letter as well for extra security.  Once you’ve generated your new password you can go head and click on continue or submit button.  Now you’ve successfully updated your password and you should be able to log into your email with your new password without any problems.