Many would have faced this issue at least once, like Facebook won’t load, but other sites are working properly.  There are many reasons for this to happen, sometimes it might be your network issue or strict firewall configuration. We’ve listed down different fixes to solve the Facebook not working problem, you can go through each method and see which one works for you. Read More »

To check out the aerial view, street view or satellite image of your house you can follow any of the free methods that are listed here, but before that we’ll first see what a satellite view is.  Aerial views are images which are taken from a satellite placed above the earth.  These images clearly show the view of your house and its surroundings. Read More »

For whatever reason you may want to set up an anonymous Facebook account, may be to prevent people from tagging you in photos or posts, prevent people from search or contacting you and otherwise keeping your profile from appearing to those who are not your friends. Read More »