You have finally planned to replace your desktop, but confused on whether to buy a netbook or laptop.  The two most obvious questions that rises whenever you come across a shopping store selling both netbook and laptop will be: What is the difference between a netbook and laptop? Which one is the best?

Both laptops and netbooks are introduced with a purpose to provide portability as well as performance without the need of those extra fittings, which you’ll find with desktop computers.  Before we get in detail about netbook vs laptop difference, you must first understand that laptops are the first one to be introduced to replace desktops and netbooks are just the midget version of the laptops.

Take a look at the below given comparison table for better understanding between netbook vs laptop.

netbook vs laptop

As you could see in the above netbook vs laptop comparison table, both of them have their own pros and cons.  Like if you are planning to buy a netbook then you have to compromise with the processor power because most of the time they make use of processors that consumes less battery power which in-turn results in less processing ability.  So, if you need to be doing works that requires less computing power such as browsing internet, editing documents or listening to music, then netbooks are perfect to fulfill your requirements.  However, if you want to play games or run graphics editing applications, then laptops with high-end processors and dedicated graphics will be the better choice.

Screen size is the another major factor that you would need to compromise while purchasing netbooks but again small screen size is what makes the netbooks look portable and weightless compared to laptops.  Netbooks are easy to carry around and it fits nicely in your pursue or backpack, but laptops requires a dedicated laptop bag.  And, netbooks comes with a default maximum screen resolution of 1024×600 which is ok if you are not going to watch any HD videos.

Storage and RAM memory of the netbooks are often very moderate while compared to laptops.  This consequently makes netbooks lighter and requires low battery power to operate.  If you want full sized keyboard just like that of your desktop computer, then netbooks are not the suitable one for your needs.  Netbooks generally comes with a keyboard without numpad which makes it look small and sometimes uncomfortable to type on.

Netbooks usually comes with either mono speakers or stereo speakers, so that means your movie or music experience won’t be as good as of a laptop.  However, you can overcome this by plug-in a nice pair of headphones.  Also, netbooks doesn’t have an optical disc drive, so you need to make use of flash drives or external disc drives.

The only common thing that you will see between netbook vs laptop is the connectivity options.  Regardless of a laptop or netbook they both come with built-in WiFi as well Bluetooth for easy internet access, however you won’t find thunderbolt or type-c in a netbook.  Battery life of netbooks is far better than laptops due to its low end configuration, lack of dvd drives and power efficient processors.  You can expect anywhere between 6 to 8 hours of battery life on average with netbooks while laptops on average provides only 3 to 4 hours.

Now coming to the price factor where Netbooks are the clear winner here.  You can get a pretty decent netbook for around $250.  However, you will only find very little choice when it comes to best laptops under $500.  This is because a laptop with good configuration and features will cost you anywhere between $800 and $1000.

In conclusion, the decision to choose between a netbook vs laptop should purely depend on your usage and requirements.