There are apps for everything these days. iPhone users of all ages will find some useful apps, ranging from games to maps and from shopping deals to calorie counters. Many apps come in handy for the female demographic. If you’re a woman and you want some helpful applications and tools for your iPhone, your options are practically unlimited!

If anything, you might have some trouble choosing! Since there is limited space on an iPhone, you can’t download every tool, game, and gadget you come across.

To help you choose, here are the must have iPhone apps for women:

  1. iPregnancy

Women can keep track of their pregnancy with this neat app. All they have to do is enter the due date, and from there they can track the current gestational age, trimester, remaining time until due date, and so forth.

iPregnancy includes features such as 3D ultrasound photo of the baby, and information about the average length and weight at its current gestational age.

  1. iScopes

This fun little app is free! You can read your horoscopes to find out what the stars have in store for you regarding relationships, career, finance, family, and so forth. One feature even allows you to read the horoscopes of your pets!

  1. The Pill

If you’re on “the pill”, it’s important to have a daily reminder. The Pill app sends out notifications at the times you select so that you be reminded to take your birth control medication. Users can customize the app with backgrounds, sounds, and so forth. It offers much more than a simple alarm.

  1. Shopper

Imagine having your own little shopping assistant. The Shopper application, made by MidCentury Software, allows users to create and edit shopping lists. By utilizing the features, you’ll be able to get through the aisles more quickly.

You can even search the built-in catalogs of grocery stores! The lists can be modified to match the aisles and layouts of any grocery store. Another feature allows you to add prices and quantities so that you can track costs.

  1. Baby Tracker: Nursing

This application makes the feeding process for newborns easy. It keeps track of nursing sessions with a few clicks. Detailed history is stored in daily logs on your iPhone. Baby Tracker even has a start/stop timer for the left and right sides. The last feeding time is always visible so that you’ll know when the next feeding time should be. There are even timing options for twins and triplets!

  1. iFitness

This tool is an exercise database that provides clear instructions and images on everything from regular exercises to extensive workouts. There are over 200 unique exercises you can learn from iFitness, some of which involve swiss-balls and free weights. It’s the perfect fitness app for any woman who wants to stay fit and healthy! It also comes with a weight monitor to help you keep track of weight loss.

  1. Pink Pad

Pink Pad is available as a free app and as a paid app. The free version is an innovative period tracking tool. It allows access to an integrated community to connect with women across the globe. If you upgrade to Pink Pad pro, you’ll receive an ad-free experience, a variety of themes, native calendar sync, fertility tracking, charts, and backup options.

  1. Women’s Health Tips

This empowering application offers all of the information and tips you could ever need for living a healthy, empowering lifestyle. Dr. Nancy Lonsdorf, a natural medicine expert, offers a highly-personalized guide. Women’s Health Tips include weight-control strategies, anti-aging tips, natural medicine information, timeless wisdom, and more.

  1. Evernote

If you need a tool for taking notes and remembering everything that happens in your life, then this is the app for you! Evernote turns an iPhone into an organizer. You can take notes, record messages, and synchronize all of the files from your iPhone to your PC.

  1. Intuition: Mom’s Personal Assistant

This is another great organization app. The interface allows women to quickly enter grocery lists, to-do-s, ideas, and appointments and display them in a number of different ways. You don’t even have to be a mom to have this gadget as your personal assistant. You can also share your tasks to your Twitter followers or Facebook friends. Whenever you’re near a store or doctor’s office where you have a pending appointment or errand, the app alerts your iPhone.

  1. iWedding Deluxe

Planning to get married soon? The iWedding Deluxe application gives you the opportunity to plan your special day. It allows users to manage their wedding plans by organizing and making to-do lists. It also provides inspiration as you debate which flowers and dress to go with.

  1. Stylish Girl

Input information about your clothes and accessories into your iPhone, and mix and match it all with the clothes you come across in stores. It’s like having your very own assistant and fashion expert with you when you shop! This way, you can be sure that the clothes and accessories you buy will go with what you already have so that you won’t have to waste time and money.

Hopefully, you will find some of these apps to be handy. Check them out and download them. You won’t regret it!