Chances are you are the one in 7 persons who utilize Facebook, and chances are that you either love or hate the service. Keeping data secure on Facebook seems to be almost as important as keeping a bank card or social security number secure, thanks to the amount of personal data that individuals store on their Facebook account. In this article, we will talk about some of the best practices to keep in mind when logging into Facebook.

Before You Login

Before you enter your Facebook credentials into any website, whether Facebook or another website that utilizes Facebook login, you need to keep some things in mind. First of all are you in a secure environment? Always check your browsers address bar to make sure that the URL corresponds with whatever site you are on. Many users have their identity stolen by entering their login credentials into websites that look legit, but are not. This doesn’t just apply to logging into Facebook, but any website.

Login Security Best Practices

When logging into Facebook, there are a couple security precautions you could, and should, take. For one, only log into your account over a secure connection. To check if your connection is secure or not, look in the address bar and make sure that it is using https:// instead of the standard http://.

Also, don’t use your Facebook login on just any and every website. Many of these websites that offer Facebook login are not necessarily affiliated with Facebook and their user privacy policies are sketchy. A lot of the times they will spam your email, send junk notifications to your Facebook account or otherwise send your account login to other sites which will spam your friends and loved ones.

Login to using mobile phone

Facebook App

Facebook has an official app for iOS, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry and web-OS. Almost all version of Facebook’s official mobile app support chatting with your Facebook contacts as well as updating your Facebook status, uploading photos and videos, commenting on status updates, photos and links, managing your privacy settings as well as adding and deleting your friends.

To login to your Facebook account from the Facebook app for your mobile device, you will need to go to the application store. On iOS (iPhone, iPod touch and iPad) this is the App Store, on Windows Phone this is the Marketplace and on Android this is the Play Store. Download the app and from there you can launch the app and login to your account. Many Facebook apps allow you to import your Facebook contacts into your phones phonebook and if possible merge with existing contacts.

Facebook Mobile

Another way to login to Facebook is from your mobile phone. Facebook recently revealed that more than half of its users login from a mobile site or app and so the company has made it even easier to log into your account from the mobile phone. You can navigate to and login to your account from the mobile site. Most of the features of the desktop website are available on the mobile version including Like pages, commenting and liking friends post, changing privacy settings and adding and deleting friends as well as updating your status, posting a new photo or checking-in to a location.

Facebook’s mobile website works on most mobile phones that have an HTML/CSS enabled browser. This includes most smartphones and feature phones.