If you have trouble handling multiple pdf files, then PDF merge is the right option.  By combining or merging pdf you can access your separated contents on a single pdf file.  There are multiple ways to merge your fragmented pdf files, we have listed some below.

Online PDF merger:-

The fastest and easiest way to merge your pdf files is to use any of the online pdf merger sites that you’ll find on the internet.  For example, you are on the go and you don’t have access to your laptop but you do have the pdf files in your mobile phone, then you can simply visit any of the online PDF merger websites via your browser and upload your documents and start merging the files.  Once the process is completed you can just download back your merged PDF files back to your mobile phone.

Caution required if your file contains any confidential or personal details in it, as it is not that safe to upload the files to an unknown server, so do consider using secured connection (HTTP) for safety.

Browser PDF file Merger:-

This method is pretty useful for those who are constantly in required to merge multiple pdf files through the day.  You can simply add the PDF Merger extension to your browser and start using it right away.  They are available for both Firefox and Google chrome. Just find the one that is fast and easy.

However, you should have internet access to use some PDF merger add on.

Desktop PDF merger:-

This type of pdf merger software is pretty useful if you want to split or merge pdf files offline. Once you had downloaded and installed the software in your laptop or desktop you can go ahead and start merging your split pdf files easily.  Standalone PDF file merger software lets you do more functions compared to the online and browser methods.

Not all PDF merger software are free, you might have to drop some dollars in their account to use the full functionality of the software.