The most common problem for any cell phone user is running out of battery while making a call. This is one of the most common kinds of problem that happens to everyone and it is always unexpected. With a cell phone like the iPhone that has a lot of features it is understood why battery life drains very quick. If you are a person who is using an iPhone to listen to music, send messages or reading emails then you need a lot of battery power.

If you look at the Apple website they have provided clear instructions regarding the expected battery life. Some of the things that you need to take care of when you are a running any type of single application are listed and well explained. As iPhone is a device which is normally used as a multitasking device, more battery power is required which leads to a shorter battery life.

There are some simple steps which you can do to increase the iPhone’s battery life. Normally, iPhone is not known for its short battery life however you can take measures to supplement the battery life further. These tips can surely give you a longer battery life.

First thing you should check is whether your Bluetooth is switched off when you are not using it. Many people are not aware with this fact that keeping Bluetooth switched on can easily drain your battery if you are not performing any task with it. This is always going to happen because Bluetooth is an application that requires certain amount of power to operate because it is always searching for other devices in range to make a connection. So, if your phone is not currently attempting to search another device in the range, then you should always switch it off.

Another thing which you can do is make sure to lock your phone once it is used. For example, after making a call, immediately you should lock the phone. Same thing applies after checking your email or even after sending messages. There are many people who leave the screen to lock by itself which is actually wastage of battery life. You can also enable auto lock application so that you can be sure that your iPhone will automatically get locked if you forget to do it manually. It is common for all iPhone users to set auto lock facility when your phone is not used for more than a period of five to ten minutes. Generally, five minutes seems like a very short amount of time, but if you are using your phone ten times a day it almost comes to 50 minutes of battery power saving. You should keep your auto lock to one minute. This will ensure that when your phone is not used it doesn’t consume more battery power. This is one of the simplest ways in which you can improve the battery life of your iPhone.