So now you have decided to delete your aol mail account for reasons like you are not satisfied with their service or simply want to close the account. Either way deactivating an aol account is little complicated unlike signing up. Before getting into the details on how to delete the aol account you must first have your username, password and security answers in handy.

If you are going to close an aol account for someone in your family who has just passed away then you can either transfer their account to another Aol username that’s been listed under the account or straight away cancel their account by directly contacting the Aol customer service, but make sure that you have their account details to make the deactivation process simple.

Now we’ll see the steps to cancel your own Aol account:

  1. First you must convert your paid aol mail account into free Aol account by canceling your billing.
  2. Any outstanding billing will be continued until the end of the cycle, and will be canceled automatically unless you reactivate.
  3. As always you’ll need your password and the answer to your account security question to carry on with the cancellation process.
  4. To cancel your aol account first sign in to with your master username and password then answer the security question and select next.
  5. Now go to your account details by selecting manage my subscriptions and then click cancel.
  6. You’d be provided with a drop down box to select the reason for canceling your aol mail service and then click cancel Aol .. Done now your aol email account has been canceled.

The above given steps are for those who have a paid aol mail account. However if you are a free aol account user then you can directly delete your aol account by signing in to my account, but unlike paid account you won’t be able to reactive it or retrieve any of your old emails.