You might wonder that why would someone need their facebook ID, what they are gonna do with it. The answer to that is that many website users need a Facebook ID to link their social identity to their website. Like if you want to optimize your content via Facebook’s Open Graph meta tags, then you should have a Facebook ID.

However facebook doesn’t provide their users with any facebook account ID, therefore you need to use any third party apps or online websites to find your ID.  Don’t worry many of such sites offer the service for free. So how do you find your facebook ID.

  • First visit any of the Facebook ID lookup websites, you can find plenty of them if you search.
  • Next enter your facebook username or profile url, eg: enter “MyName” or “”.
  • Now you can see your facebook personal numeric ID.

If you have problem with finding your personal profile ID, then don’t worry simply login to your facebook account and then enter “” in the address bar it will take you to the profile page now copy that URL and paste it on any of the Facebook ID lookup websites.