There are other ways to sign-up for Facebook other than using your email address. For example, you can sign up with your mobile phone number.

The upside to this is that Facebook will send alerts to your cellphone via text message when you login from a new device, when you are tagged or checked into a location, or when a friend posts on your wall. Signing up for Facebook using your phone number is a straightforward process.

  1. Go to from your mobile phone or if your phone has the Facebook app installed go to the app.
  2. Find the sign-up link which should be under the login link. Click the link and it should carry you to the signup page.
  3. Enter your real name and birth-date.
  4. Enter your phone number instead of an email address.
  5. Choose a strong password, one that has numbers, letters and special characters. It’s not required to pick a strong password but it makes it harder for people to hack your account.
  6. Click “Create an account” tab.

Once you have signed up you can now either add friends, post content to your wall or alternately, you can add an email address in case you lose your phone and need to reset your account.

You can also add a phone number to an existing account by going to your settings page and then click the mobile settings option. Adding a mobile number makes it that much easier to login as well as add an added layer of protection in case you should lose your email address.