Many would have faced this issue at least once, like Facebook won’t load, but other sites are working properly.  There are many reasons for this to happen, sometimes it might be your network issue or strict firewall configuration. We’ve listed down different fixes to solve the Facebook not working problem, you can go through each method and see which one works for you.

Check whether your internet connection is working properly, make sure you are able to connect to the internet and open standard pages like, youtube etc. without any problem. If everything is fine, then you can open your command prompt and type “Ping -t” and press enter. If you see any thing like “Reply from ip address: bytes= time= TTL= “ then it means that your internet connection is working properly and able to connect to the facebook, therefore it might be a browser issue.

You can try loading facebook on different browsers and if none of them works you might have to try it with a different computer as well.  However, if you are not able to open facebook only on a particular browser then you can either re-install the browser or clear browsing data or reset your browser proxies to default, and check whether the problem is solved.

If you are not able to open facebook on any of your browsers, then you need to check with your computer’s firewall settings. You might also have installed an antivirus software with firewall settings enabled which might be stopping facebook. Try to disable the firewall for few minutes and try attempting to connect to facebook. If you are able to load facebook properly then you can change the firewall settings as per the needs.

If the problem still exists you can try opening facebook as a secured connection, for example you can use the URL “” instead of “”.  Else open your command prompt and type “ipconfig /flushdns” and press enter.  Hope this solves the facebook not loading problem.