So you have lot of followers in your Facebook account and want to create a separate group based on their individual interests, then let us show you how to create one.

  • As always sign in to your facebook account first.
  • Click the down-arrow icon on the top right corner of your facebook home page.
  • Select “Create Group” and give a name for your group and add your friends.
  • Then, click “Create” .. Voila now you’ve created a facebook group.

How to delete a facebook group:

Ok, so for some reason you don’t want to keep the group you’ve created, then you can delete them easily.

  • First, select the group you want to delete permanently.
  • Go to “Members” then click “Remove from group” and select “Confirm”
  • Once you had removed all members you can click options (Gear icon) next to your name and select “Leave Group”.

How to change admin of my group:

If you want to change or assign someone as an admin of your group, then you can do so by following steps.

  • First go to the group which you want an admin change.
  • Click “Members” and select “Make Admin” next to the member name you want to assign as a admin.
  • Then click “Make Admin”.

Do remember that once you give admin permission to someone, then they can add, remove members and also make changes to the group without your knowledge, so be careful with whom you give the permission.