Alto Mail is a new e-mail program by AOL.  This new service is free to anyone, and not just limited to AOL mail users.  Therefore, if you are an existing Gmail, Yahoo mail or iCloud user, you can use this new service freely, there’s no need for another e-mail address.

One of the main features of AOL’s Alto is that it allows people to manage their emails in a much better and organized way.  If you are an email user who gets hundreds of messages into your inbox everyday, then you are going to find it difficult in managing it.  Also it’ll be a daunting task to create separate folders for every person, and then drag and drop the mail into it every time.

The new Alto e-mail tool supports automatic sorting, which means you can assign messages from a particular person to be sorted out and then moved to the respective stacks (folders) automatically, rather than just arriving at your inbox.  This feature ensures that you ever miss any email from your family, friends or office that gets lost under that overwhelming number of mails in your inbox.

E-mails that you receive from daily deal sites, shopping store subscriptions and social networks are automatically sorted out into separate stacks so that you can read it later when you are free.  Other than that, E-mail with photos and attachments that you receive are also instantly sorted into stacks automatically to make it easily accessible when required.

AOL’s Alto also allows people to create their own stacks for any emails from a particular group of people as well as using keywords.  Moreover, users can also gain access to services like Google calendars and Google Drive directly from the new Alto e-mail management tool.

AOL’s Alto e-mail service can be accessed at  In addition, AOL is also working on an optimized version of Alto for tablet PC and smartphone users.