Interested in creating a new AOL Mail account? Then the first thing you have to do is visit there you will find options to either login to AOL mail by entering your user name and password or create a free aol email account. Since you wanted to create a new email account you should select “ Get a Free User name” link and that’ll open a new window where you will be provided with options to create a new AOL mail account.

Steps are relatively straight forward you just have to enter the required details in the empty boxes provided. Make sure that you enter correct details so that it will be easier for you to remember and also helps you in situations when you wanted to recover your email password.

Things you’ll get when you sign up for an AOL Mail account.

  1. Unlimited storage space, means you don’t have to delete your older mails just because your inbox is full.
  2. Photo and video attachments of up to 25MB.
  3. Virus and spam protection.