AOL Desktop Login or guest login is a process that allows you to sign in to your aol mail account from another person’s computer so that you can check your emails easily. However the computer you are gonna use should have the latest version of the Aol desktop software installed. Now we’ll see the steps to sign on to your aol mail account as a guest user.

  1. First download and install the Aol webmail desktop software either on your PC or MAC.
  2. Start the Aol software and choose Guest from the select screen name drop down menu, then click sign in.
  3. In the next screen just enter your Aol screen name and password, and then hit OK.
  4. Done, now you’re signed in to your aol mail account as a guest user.

Singing in to your Aol email account as a guest does have some limitations such as you cannot save email or any other files to your filing cabinet or even access it. However, you can access the emails stored in the Saved on Aol folder from anywhere if you are using AOL 9.0 SE or higher versions of the AOL desktop software.