So you tried getting into your aol email account but was unsuccessful and now want to reset the password. Losing your password is a pain but resetting it is pretty simple at Aol. Before we get into the aol mail password reset process first you need to check the reason on why you have to change the password.

If it is that you simply forgot your password then you can just carry on with the password reset process given below. However, if its due to someone hacking into your email account and now you cant get access to it, then you need to first make sure things are OK before you go with the reset process because if you haven’t figured out the problem you might get hacked again.

Now we see the steps to reset your Aol Email:

  1. First visit webpage from your browser.
  2. Now click “Forgot password” link which will eventually open a new webpage.
  3. There you’ll be provided with options like entering your username or email address and then click next.
  4. In the next page you’ll have to perform few more things like answering your security question, entering your mobile number and alternative email address.
  5. Once you have done all the required things your password would be changed successfully.