If you’ve accidentally changed something which made the address bar missing from your browser be it chrome, Firefox, safari or internet explorer, then follow the simple steps to get the address bar back.

Address Bar Missing in Safari

Use the following steps to get back address bar on your safari browser

  1. Click on the menu bar and select view.
  2. Now select customize toolbar option.
  3. Click on the Address bar, hold your mouse and drag it to where it should be.

Other things you can do is to press either F10 then select go to toolbar and click on the menu bar or just click F11 that should exit you from full screen mode.

Address Bar Missing in Chrome

If you find address bar missing on chrome browser, then there might be some problem with the installation files or something is stuck.  You can restart your computer and recheck if the missing address bar problem is fixed or not.

Sometimes you might have gone to full screen mode on Chrome browser by clicking F11 accidentally, so just pressing the F11 key will bring back it to normal mode.

Address Bar Missing in FireFox and Internet Explorer 

To get back the address bar or search bar in Firefox follow the simple steps.

  1. First right click anywhere on the menu area or tab area.
  2. Then select the “Navigation Toolbar”.
  3. Now you’ll see the address bar on your Firefox browser.

If you’re an Internet Explorer user and find that address bar is missing, then either the browser is in full screen mode which can be reverted back by pressing F11 key or just download the missing files directly from the Microsoft website.