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Setting up a personal hotspot enables you to share internet connection with multiple devices and users simultaneously. Option a company known for manufacturing USB modems and routers has announced the world’s smallest hotspot device that comes integrated with 3G and WiFi connectivity.

Despite its small size, the XYFI hotspot router is very powerful and can support up to eight connections at the same time. This will help you to share your broadband connection with others anywhere, anytime. All connections are secured through WPA encryption with WPS.

XYFI personal hotspot router is powered via USB connection, so you can easily power it with any USB supported devices like laptop or tablet pc. This is very helpful for people who like to share their internet connection while on the move. It can also be powered through different power accessories like wall and car plug. In addition, the optional high capacity battery pack lets you enjoy long hours of internet sharing.

Since it doesn’t require any special software or driver installations you can easily setup the hotspot out-of-box and start sharing the internet instantly. Its smart interfaces lets you manage the router from a web-based GUI and dedicated mobile pages easily. Other than internet sharing, the router comes equipped with a microSD slot and features streaming capability, so you can also share files and media among users easily.

XYFI hotspot router

Design wise the XYFI personal hotspot router looks sleek and compact, thanks to the retractable USB connector. You can also customize the look of the router by using the exchangeable clip-on covers. And, the status LEDs lets you easily identify the operational mode of the router.

This portable and easy to use personal hotspot router is expected to be available very soon.

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