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It’s not often that you would see your laptop keyboard stops working.  However, if you sometime encounter this situation out of nowhere, then do follow the below given troubleshooting steps before you replace your laptop keyboard with a new one.

  1. Shut down the laptop, unplug the power cord, take out the battery and then replace the battery after few minutes and start the laptop.  This might generally solve the laptop keyboard not working problem right away.
  1. Check whether your laptop has a function lock (or) on/off switch button on the keyboard and see if it is switched ON because sometimes you might have accidentally pressed it which has caused the laptop keyboard from functioning.
  1. Find out if any of the keyboard keys are stuck down or may be dusts that might have wedged under the keys that is keeping the keys pressed all the time.  If so, then clean the keyboard by blowing air using a small rubber dust air blower.
  1. Restart your laptop and try to enter the BIOS screen by pressing either “Del” or “F8” keys.  If you can successfully do it and the keyboard was not working once when the OS has loaded, then it could be a software issue.  Try to reinstall your operating system.
  1. Take a look in device manager and see if there are any red or yellow exclamation symbols next to the “Keyboards” section.  If you notice anything like that then its time to reinstall the drivers.  Look up for the latest drivers for your laptop and then install it.
  1. Sometimes your laptop would have been infected with viruses or malwares which in turn prevents the keyboard from functioning.  So, try to scan your laptop with good antivirus software to check if something has infected your system.

Laptop Keyboard Not Working

If you’re unable to fix the laptop keyboard not working issue even after trying all the above mentioned instructions, then its time to replace your laptop keyboard.  You can either call your laptop service center or just replace the keyboard by yourself.

For time being, you can connect an external keyboard to the laptops USB/PS2 port or even use the on screen keyboard.

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  1. Danyeal says:

    If your keyboard doesn’t work anymore how are you suppose to do most of these things? I did remove the battery and nothing (only good advice). Getting ready to take it to the shop.

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