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If there was ever a comparison that had two almost equally matched opponents, this would be it. The Galaxy S III (GS3) and the HTC One X sit at the very top of the Android pack, holding dual-core and quad core processors, LTE 720p displays and Android 4.0 to boot, the differences between these devices are mainly cosmetics. But there still are differences and though this comparison we will find them.


Both phones carry a 720p display. The GS3 puts that on a 4.8-inch Pentile display while the One X puts theirs on a 4.7-inch LCD-2 display. Despite the superior technology behind the One X’s display, the GS3 packs Super AMOLED which really brings out great contrast and brightness in images. While the differences are slight, we have to give this round to the GS3.

Score: Galaxy S III


Both phones carry 8MP shooters and both phones record 1080p video content. The GS3 does so at 30fps while the One X is 24fps. We shot photos in a wide range of lighting conditions, from bright sunny days, to cloudy days and of course dusk and night shots. In the end we walked away happy with both devices. The camera module of the HTC One X did ever so slightly edge out the GS3 especially in low light conditions. However it is safe to assume that either phone can be a proper replacement for a point and shoot.

Score: One X


If we go by benchmarks, the GS3 would win hands down. But we know that benchmarks do not necessarily translate into real-world performance. The GS3 does come with 2GB of RAM vs. the 1GB found in the One X which helps it in multitasking. Both phones did do exceptional handling multitasking, Flash content and gaming effortlessly. Since we must have a winner though, we give this round to the GS3 though we will clarify that under normal circumstances, you will not notice a performance difference unless you benchmark both devices.

Score: Galaxy S III


The GS3 sports a removable battery while the One X has a non-user replaceable battery. While HTC has done a great job of improving its battery life, the One X still failed when put up against the GS3. This could be for a number of reasons but we are guessing one of the biggest factors is the Super AMOLED display of the GS3 uses less battery juice than the LCD-2 display in the One X. Under moderate usage you can get to the end of the day with the One X. On the GS3 we noticed our battery lasting us into the second day.

Score: Galaxy S III

HTC One X vs. Samsung Galaxy S III


While mainly based on personal preference, we were huge fans of the One X unibody design. It’s a beautiful device, one that can compare to the likes of the Lumia 900 and iPhone 4S. The design of the GS3 on the other hand leaves much to be desired as it looks generic. It’s not a boring design, but not as exciting as the One X.


Whether you sign your allegiance to HTC or Samsung, you can rest assured that you won’t be disappointed. In the end, the clear winner here was the Galaxy S III, but not by a long shot.

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