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AOL is a popular American company that provides free webmail service to Internet users.  Before going into detail about the AOL Mail Login steps, we’ll first see about the features that AOL.com mail offers to its users.

Once you signup for AOL Mail, you will get unlimited storage space to save all your mails without the need of deleting it weekly.  They let users to send attachments of size up to 25MB while emailing as well.  Some of the other features that you’ll get once you Login to AOL Mail are virus scanning, spam protection and spell checking.

Users who like to access the AOL Mail Login page from their PC or MAC using webmail programs or software such as Apple Mail, Outlook and Mozilla Thunderbird can also use AOL webmail because AOL webmail supports the feature of sending and receiving mail using IMAP and POP3 settings.

aol mail loginAOL Mail Login:

  1. To access the AOL Mail Login page just visit http://mail.aol.com.
  1. You will see two empty boxes, one for username or email and one for entering your AOL webmail password.
  1. Now hit the “Sign In” button to login to AOL Mail page.
  1. In case you want to save your password and username of the AOL Mail Login page, then select the “Remember Me” check box ahead of clicking the “Sign In” button.
  1. Some browsers may popup a security alert message, just click yes or OK to continue with the AOL Mail Login process.

If you have forgotten your AOL Mail Login password, then please click on the “Forgot password” and follow the simple instructions to reset your password.

AOL Mail Login password reset

AOL.com mail login guest:

If you like to login to AOL webmail as a guest, then just follow the steps.

  1. First download the AOL webmail software by visiting http://daol.aol.com/software/90vr.
  1. Install it on your PC or MAC and launch the application.
  1. Choose Guest from the Screen Name drop-down menu.
  1. Now just enter your AOL screen name in the “Enter Screen Name” box and AOL password in the “Enter Password” box.

The above AOL.com mail login guest step will help you login to your AOL webmail from another computer as if you were on your own computer.

Hope the above given AOL Mail Login and AOL.com mail login guest steps helps you login to AOL webmail successfully.

Check AOL mail without AOL:

You can easily check out your AOL mail without actually visiting the aol.com mail page by just installing an email notifier program on your desktop.  Email notifier program is easy to set up and you’ll have it running in minutes.

An Email notification program also alerts you whenever you have new messages.  So you’ll have the freedom to do what you want without you having to keep an eye over your inbox 24/7.  You can read, reply and delete messages quickly and easily in a secure way, and thus, you’ll be protected from messages that contain viruses and spyware.

In addition, you can also backup all your emails to your computer hard disk and restore it in future when needed.

AOL Mail Gets New Look:

AOL has finally unveiled a new fresh look to its AOL Mail service, the first major redesign since 2007.  The new design has been rolled out to all 24 million loyal AOL Mail users, so they get new experience with their email. The new AOL Mail design offers better user interface with the integration to services like messaging and text.

In addition, the AIM, events, contacts, as well as to-do lists are now located in a single place.  The new version also boasts easier to read icons and fonts, as well as new themes and customization options are also been included in the newer AOL Mail.  As part of this new redesign AOL has also expanded the AOL screen namespace, so now users can get the user name they wanted and won’t be stuck with an email address that includes a random string of numbers at the end.

Finally, AOL has also redesigned the placement and size of the advertising on the new AOL Mail version.  Now Ads appear on the right side of the mail window, which looks clean and performs much better than the old Mail design.  The chat window has now been shifted from right to the left side.

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