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AOL is a popular American company that provides free webmail service to Internet users.  Before going into detail about the AOL Mail Login steps, we’ll first see about the features that AOL.com mail offers to its users.

Once you signup for AOL Mail, you will get unlimited storage space to save all your mails without the need of deleting it weekly.  They also allow users to send attachments of size up to 25MB while emailing as well.  Some of the other features that you’ll get once you sign up for AOL Mail are virus scanning, spam protection and spell checking.

Users who like to access the aol mail home page from their PC or MAC using webmail programs such as Apple Mail, Outlook and Mozilla Thunderbird can do so easily because AOL webmail supports the feature of sending and receiving mail using IMAP and POP3 settings.

aol mail loginAOL Mail Login:

  1. To access the AOL Mail Login page just visit http://mail.aol.com.
  1. You will see two empty boxes, one for username or email and one for entering your AOL webmail password.
  1. Now hit the “Sign In” button to login to AOL Mail page.
  1. In case you want to save your password and username of the AOL Mail Login page, then select the “Remember Me” check box ahead of clicking the “Sign In” button.
  1. Some browsers may popup a security alert message, just click yes or OK to continue with the AOL Mail Login process.

If you have forgotten your AOL Mail Login password, then please click on the “Forgot password” and follow the simple instructions to reset your AOL password.

AOL Mail Login password reset

AOL.com mail login guest:

If you like to login to AOL mail as a guest, then just follow the steps.

  1. First download the AOL webmail software by visiting http://daol.aol.com/software/90vr.
  1. Install it on your PC or MAC and launch the application.
  1. Choose Guest from the Screen Name drop-down menu.
  1. Now just enter your AOL screen name in the “Enter Screen Name” box and AOL password in the “Enter Password” box.

The above AOL.com mail login guest step will help you login to your AOL mail from another computer as if you were on your own computer.

Hope the above given AOL Mail Login and AOL.com mail login guest steps helps you login to AOL webmail successfully.

Check AOL mail without AOL:

You can easily check out your AOL mail without actually visiting the aol.com mail page by just installing an email notifier program on your desktop.  Email notifier program is easy to set up and you’ll have it running in minutes.

An Email notification program also alerts you whenever you have new messages.  So you’ll have the freedom to do what you want without you having to keep an eye over your inbox 24/7.  You can read, reply and delete messages quickly and easily in a secure way, and thus, you’ll be protected from messages that contain viruses and spyware.

In addition, you can also backup all your emails to your computer hard disk and restore it in future when needed.

AOL Mail Gets New Look:

AOL has finally unveiled a new fresh look to its AOL Mail service, the first major redesign since 2007.  The new design has been rolled out to all 24 million loyal AOL Mail users, so they get new experience with their email. The new AOL Mail design offers better user interface with the integration to services like messaging and text.

In addition, the AIM, events, contacts, as well as to-do lists are now located in a single place.  The new version also boasts easier to read icons and fonts, as well as new themes and customization options are also been included in the newer AOL Mail.  As part of this new redesign AOL has also expanded the AOL screen namespace, so now users can get the user name they wanted and won’t be stuck with an email address that includes a random string of numbers at the end.

Finally, AOL has also redesigned the placement and size of the advertising on the new AOL Mail version.  Now Ads appear on the right side of the mail window, which looks clean and performs much better than the old Mail design.  The chat window has now been shifted from right to the left side.

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  1. della says:

    nothing to say presently

  2. I have been trying unsuccessfully for about a week to log into my e-mail. Have tried to reset my passcode — followed the instructions with the right information — it will not let me in. It comes back with the message “does not match our information”. I have tried repeatedly, with no success. Can anyone help me??? Any help would be appreciated. Betty Stevens

  3. Savvy Chick says:

    Hope you entered the right username or email id. Have you tried it using different browsers?

  4. Jennie Wyatt says:

    how do i get my old mail?

  5. Savvy Chick says:

    Did you mean that your old inbox mails are deleted?

  6. i can;t logon to my email.

  7. Savvy Chick says:

    Did you enter password and email id correctly?

  8. please open up my email

  9. Please open my e-mail.!!!

  10. Savvy Chick says:

    Have you entered your email id and pwd correctly?

  11. vicky hyde says:

    i haven’t been able to get into my aol e-amil for at least a month. when i try to log in, my computer freezes up and it won’t go any farther. had problems with logging in months ago also. i guess enough people have to complain before they do anything. that’s whyu i don’t really use them for anything important since i have so much trouble with it. maybe they don’t care because it’s free. but at one time i used aol, paid every month and still had problems. apparently they JUST DON’T CARE!!

  12. Savvy Chick says:

    Did you tried log in to your aol mail account using another computer? Also, try to scan your computer for viruses using a good anti-virus software. Sometimes, there might be a problem with your browser so reinstall your operating system/browser and then try to log in again.

  13. Joan Hemmer says:

    I can get the sound on the flip video but I cannot get the video itself. why?

  14. Savvy Chick says:

    Do you mean on a flip video player?

  15. Felton Eaddy says:

    Sounds similar to my problem. All was fine until I accepted the new AOL and amnesia set in: I’m a stranger. No longer is my password recognized, nor am I allowed to change passwords. When I use a browser to access mail, I have no address book.

  16. Savvy Chick says:

    Have you tried login using different browsers?

  17. have been trying to get into mye-mail. forgot my security question

  18. Savvy Chick says:

    Maybe you should try resetting the pwd by selecting the “Billing Information” option !

  19. sue catt says:

    i cant login

  20. Savvy Chick says:

    Did you try resetting your pwd or login using different web browser?

  21. carol says:

    caution I was unable to use my computer for two months and someone hacked into my email and sent out a bunch of emails! I had to change my pass word! it is very slow at times! I get BERK offten!

  22. heather says:

    Omg I thought I was the only one. I use the same password for everything and it says username or password doesn’t match… Wtf is going on I use aol for everything anyone gonna fix whatever is going on??????? Plzzzzzzzzzz

  23. Savvy Chick says:

    Did you try contacting their support? Meanwhile, try to reset the pwd and try again.

  24. melissa says:

    try the old version aolmail.com..usually works

  25. Rich says:

    I cannot get past AOL Automatic Password pop-up to access my e-mails. I do what the pop says and nothing happens. When I hit DONE. The screen jumps like it is evading me. I cannot get into my account to change password or security question. This happened in December and somehow was resolved. It happened again today, shortly after I did a computer Clean Up. This is frustrating. I am a non-paying AOL user so no tech support is available to me. I am losing money and time by not being able to access vital e-mails. Please help.

  26. Savvy Chick says:

    Do you get this problem when you access aol mail from a different computer? Also, you’ve mentioned that you did a computer clean up, sometimes this might also be the reason for you not able to access your emails.

  27. Maryann says:

    I just got my I pad. I cannot get on to aol Just got a new laptop geek squad set up for me. I can get on aol with that. My desk top will not allow me oninternet. Thats the reason for two new goodies. I don’t. Understand why iPad will notletme on. Help.

  28. Mary says:

    I cannot open any of my e-mails. Message says “loading” but does not open.

  29. Savvy Chick says:

    Did you set up your AOL Mail account on your iPad properly?

  30. Savvy Chick says:

    Try with a different browser or login to your account after sometime.

  31. My commputer has been down for about 1 1/2 years, no money, then I didn’t care it was down. Now I can’t get my original screen to come up. Any suggestions. I know I have over 1,000, emails. I was just getting back in touch with several old friends. DOES ANYONE KNOW ANYTHING THAT MA HELP ME??


  32. iampoolmom says:

    I am getting compuserve as my email carrier and also have aol.com email. The one I want is the Aol.com without the compuserve carrier. Any suggestions ?

  33. Savvy Chick says:

    Why not use your mobile to access your emails?

  34. Hi iampoolmom. If you have compuserve and aol in your system. I will advice you to choose one, because the two softwares are almost equal. I am using aol as my mail carrier and the compuserve as my browser for scientifics’ web sites. You can do likewise.

  35. deannimmy says:

    I just want to sign in & review my E-mail, thats all!

  36. I am having the same problem as all the other people here! cannot axcess my mail,wont except my password my security ? put a block on my username i even called cust. service and they couldnt help! this is bs!!im calling mon.to another number that cs gave me…can only call m-f 9 to 7 im very mad about this!!

  37. eikiy says:

    thanks 4 surporting

  38. lynn johnson says:

    have been trying for the last week to access my email account gave the right information and just comes back as information does not match can you help

  39. Arlene Johnson says:

    I ‘am unable to get into my mail I have aol.com can you please HELP!

  40. I CANNOT ACCESS MY E-MAIL. WHY?????? Never had a problem before. Driving me CRAZY. PLEASE HELP

  41. Savvy Chick says:

    May be you should try after sometime.

  42. Savvy Chick says:

    Reset your pwd and try again, may be this should work.

  43. Telepizza says:

    I am attempting to log on for last three days. It keeps loading for ever. I have tried with different computers and devices, always the same
    Any idea why?

  44. Can not log into aol lost password

  45. kelly w bryant says:

    i cant get in my aol

  46. Savvy Chick says:

    Do you get any error msg ?

  47. jolene says:

    how can i get my email .havenet checked my messeges for about 6 months is there a way i can go back and read them.

  48. Savvy Chick says:

    Just login to your email account and then check the messages.

  49. gloria leach says:

    i can not get into my mail

  50. I cannot reset my password. Cannot get my email

  51. Hope Stillinger says:

    I cant get into my email.

  52. Andries says:

    Don’t worry women………I am a male…….and I also cannot read my e-mails….!!!! I opened a account and after a minute or two the account was closed …. and the reason……”heavy traffic” !!! I think there is hackers around there !!!

  53. jugal says:

    i cannot access my mail as well as i tried to reset a new password, i dint receive the mail about my new password which they said would send n now i cannot evn access the proceduce for resetting the password.
    please help me out with this

  54. Barb says:

    I have a gateway computer, New. The Norton security system had a trail to see if I liked it. I tried to unstall it 2 days before the trial was up , and it threw off my internet. I cannot get on aol, or any site. What can I do to get back on the internet????/All my email is on aol, and I wanted the aol security.. Is this a good idea???

  55. Sandy Deckard says:

    I have had an AOL address for 10 years or more now i can’t even get a new addess it says that it has been encripted, what does it mean? I love to e-mail but i’ve just about to give up ,,,,HELP please

  56. rick pero says:

    I just want to get into my mail have been trying for days HELP

  57. Beavon Sanderson says:

    I have been with AOL since they took over another provider which I was registered with.They then merged or was taken over by TALKTALK. I have had endless problems with them in getting into my e-mail.This is the worse it has been. I have been trying for days and I have been asked to change user name and password over, about twenty times.I have reached my limit, it is so annoying, inconvenient and time consuming.When asked for my mobile number, and having submitted it ,it has constantly been rejected stating that it is not my number,What can Ido?HELP,HELP please.

  58. Marianne says:

    Guess I must be the lucky one…haven’t had a single problem with the new aol mail. In fact, I like the lay-out a lot better!
    My only annoyance is that the mail icon is gone from the aol home page…too many steps to get into my mailbox!

  59. angie says:

    I can’t get into my e-mail and when making new password account name will not let me in I need help

  60. Nancy Hayden says:

    Had no problem getting on to my AOL until this morning. Will not let me on at all. What is going on? Cannot even get on to AOL!

  61. michelle says:

    Cant get into my e-mail as of today, was working fine yesterday. called the AOL guru tech twice, they reset my password both times and told me to restart my computer and then try again. Still didnt work. Just want to check my email, been with AOL for nine years. They are kicking us non- payers off one by one. LOL

  62. jackson says:

    Cant get on line, cant check my e-mail, was told that I needed a new router, did that at the tune of sixtyfive dollars, still cant get on line. been with american on line for more than ten years, I hate to leave aol, but I want service.

  63. Jim Schultz says:

    I can not get onto aol.com–to get my mail or access my bill pay–or any of my favorites—I am connected but not signed on—I can access all of these through int. explorer or google chrome—How can I access aol directly, as i have for the last 7 years???

  64. Julie Helm says:

    I have been trying to get into the e-mail for over a week and I keep getting BLERP. What is the problem? Is there anyone else having this problem. I’ve been using AOL for over 15 years and have never had these problems.

  65. David says:

    I’m having problems login into my email tried to reset password multiple times not working

  66. felicia ingram says:

    I too have been having the same problem with my e-mail,but with a different phone it allowed me to re-login with my e-mail address & password.

  67. June Bryant says:

    Every time I log off AOL, my computer crash dumps. That’s the only time it happens.

  68. Sarah says:

    Hi I’m having trouble logging into my email account (first time ever)! I noticed yesterday that I am recieving hundreds, maybe thousands of emails from people that I do not know, at every minute of the day……..I’m thinking that this is some kind of virus!! Yesterday, I deleted/marked as spam, 1,700+ of these awful emails, only to recieve a message saying that my sign-in got derailed! I’ve tried to login a few times today and keep getting the same message!

  69. Bruce814 says:

    I’ve had aol for years with very few problems. This year I have had problems accessing my e-mail and it looks like there are thousands who are having the same problem. I can’t access my mail at all now. Why do I pay for AOL????

  70. Ed says:

    We recently set up a WiFi system, which meant we had to have individual accounts on AOL, instead of the joint account we have had for many years. Now my wife finds that she can’t sign on as the owner on her own laptop: She has to sign on as a GUEST. I have tried to communicate with AOL to find a fix for this, but so far have had no success. If there’s someone out there smarter than me, could you give me a hint on how to fix this? Many thanks.

  71. TAYLOR says:

    I have NOT been able to access my email for two months!!!!!~ What has happened to the “Good Old Fashioned” EMAIL” ?????

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